Aiysha Jocastian

Distributor of the Book of Nod


A member of the obscure Jocastian sect, whose practices include the devouring of their own elders to gain their knowledge and memories, Aiysha would be beneath notice were it not for the tremendous damage her actions caused kindred the world over.

For centuries the blasphemous Book of Nod was circulated orally amongst the Sabbat, and as such the damage it could cause was limited after the sect was formed – the kindred of the Camarilla have little exposure to it, and thus few are unlikely to be compromised by its heretical concepts. However, in the early 19th Century copies of an English Translation of Noddist Lore, much more complete and coherent than previous versions, began to circulate, and even be found amongst members of the Camarilla. In the modern nights when people speak of the Book of Nod, it is this version that they refer to.

Aiysha Jocastian was responsible for the distribution of this text. The text itself was compiled by a kindred known as Aristotle deLaurent, and obsessive scholar with no political intent, who decided to publish a small number of copies of his collected work purely for academic interest amongst other kindred – he met final death shortly after its publication, and some have speculated that foreknowledge of this is why he decided to put out what was clearly such a dangerous work. Aiysha stole a copy of the book and copied it, spreading it to an audience deLaurent had never intended.

Aiysha is not considered to be personally dangerous (she is a thief and a scoundrel, not a warrior or occultist), but the affront to the world she perpetrated must be avenged. She has survived until now through hiding – occasional sightings are reported, but they are vague and almost always second or third hand.

Current Location: Unknown.


Aiysha Jocastian

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