Alex Swift

The Dreameater


A lot can go wrong during a kindred’s long unlife, but sometimes things are even worse if something goes wrong during the embrace itself. That is what happened in the case of Alex Swift.

Alex appeared to be a normal young man before he was embraced by a member of Clan Malkavian in 1973. He had friends, held down a normal job, went to see his favourite bands play, and everything else that guys his age would do. Even his embrace was not that unusual – he was tripping after a really good party and his sire, antitribu member of the Sabbat, was caught by the nonsense he was talking.

Unfortunately Alex Swift wasn’t a normal young man, however much he appeared to be. He was a vortex.

A vortex is a phenomenally rare, extremely dangerous confluence of the Dreaming, a mortal who is touched by a maelstrom of power from the realms of the human subconscious that some scholars call the Umbra. The Umbra swirls around the mortal in question, without them even knowing, more and more dreamstuff building around them until they pulse with power and energy, never even knowing the danger they are in. Only two results are possible: the Umbra crashes into the mundane world using the vortex as a portal and destroys reality, or the vortex is sucked screaming into the Umbra, collapsing in on itself.

But Alex Swift was embraced. He remained in status, not changing or dying, and he became neither portal or was destroyed. Instead the Umbra continued to build in intensity until it infused the very fibre of his being.

Since then he has wandered the earth, generally uninterested in kindred matters. He does not claim membership in a sect, and indeed has little interest in anything but pursuing his own agendas (whatever those might be).

In truth, no one has any idea exactly how powerful Alex Swift is – encounters have suggested that he is effectively omnipotent in a limited area, able to control reality to an extent not even possible with high levels of Chimerstry.

For years he was not considered a threat; his approach to kindred is one of boredom and disinterest for the most part. However, in the early 1990s he was caught in the middle of a Camarilla/Sabbat battle which seemed to annoy him greatly, and he simply vaporised 16 vampires including an Archon. After this his threat level was reconsidered and he was reluctantly placed on the Red List by his own Clan when a place presented itself.

Current Location: believed to be Mumbai, India


Alex Swift

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