Karen Milbank

The Black Knife


The Sabbat are dangerous, there is no other way of saying it. Within them exist the Black Hand, an elite group of the most dangerous kindred aligned to their cause. Within them exist The Black Knife, a position of terrible prominence, the assassin extraordinaire of the Sabbat.

Almost nothing is known of the current holder of the position. Only her name has been revealed, and “Karen Milbank” could very well be a pseudonym. Her face is not known, her history is absent, every detail is concealed from those who would know more. She has killed Sheriffs and Princes, warriors and mystics.

In 2011 she killed a Justicar.

The Nosferatu Justicar Cock Robin was leading an investigation in the sewers of New York after the battle to return it from Sabbat hands when he was slain by the Black Knife in full view of his soldiers, all of whom were held immobile and unable to interfere as she butchered him.

Robin’s replacement, Federico DiPadua immediately petitioned for Milbank’s inclusion on the Red List and, when it was refused due to the list being full, personally hunted down and slew former Alastor John Trent who had been placed on the list after diablerising Petaniqua.

Current Location: Unknown


Karen Milbank

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