Maris Streck

Justicar of Clan Malkavian


Name: Maris Streck
Alias(es): None
Born: Unknown
Embraced: 1762
Clan: Malkavian
Generation: 8th
Sire: Lutz von Hohenzollern
Allegiance: Camarilla
Rank: Justicar


Before being awarded the position of Justicar in 1998, Maris worked as a “freelance troubleshooter”, an investigator and enforcer who worked for Princes and other nominated individuals across Europe in exchange for boons and favours. It seems likely she gained the appointment at the conclave due to calling in a large number of these boons. She has described herself in the past as an “avenging angel”, and sees justice and law as being part and parcel of concepts of sin and virtue.

Maris Streck

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