Marisa Santos

General of the Mother's Army


Central America is deep Sabbat territory for the most part, and the few Camarilla kindred who manage to hang onto any kind of power there are inured to the atrocities of their enemies unless those actions are monstrous beyond belief.

So it is for the Mother’s Army, a cult within the sect who worship the mythical figure of Lilith, or the “Mother of Monsters” as they call her. Their exact beliefs and practices are vague (one can only assume intentionally so), but hey seem to revolve around death worship and ritualised blood-letting, torture and the spreading of terrible plagues and sicknesses. What is worse, the cult has even less appreciation for the masquerade than other Sabbat vampires, and involves mortals in their rites and practices quite openly and without fear.

After numerous examples of their brutality and lack of humanity, and their tendency to use mortals in ways the Camarilla deems dangerous, the leader of the cult, Marisa Santos, has been placed on the Red List.

Santos is a young-appearing woman with jet black hair and beautiful features who is known for her insanity and pure rage. Her Clan is unknown, but she has demonstrated phenomenal physical strength and resilience, suggesting that she has considerable ability with both Potence and Fortitude. She has also demonstrated considerable aptitude with powers that are believed to be a form of Necromancy.

Current Location: Guadalajara, Mexico


Marisa Santos

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