Raymond Narcisse



In the 1960s and 70s a mortal serial killer who called himself the Zodiac Killer slew seven people and sent numerous taunting letters to the local police. He was never caught by mortal authorities, but was captured instead by a local Camarilla task force who were hoping to curtail possible masquerade breaches throughout the recently created Anarch Free State.

Why a member of the local Tremere decided to take him and run from their comrades, or decided to embrace him, we will probably never know – Narcisse diablerised his sire the very night he was created. Imbued with new fresh strength and a seemingly instinctive understanding of the disciplines (including Thaumaturgy, which normally takes years to learn), he began to hunt nearby kindred, diablerising at least three other vampires over the next few weeks.

He was almost caught by a local archon who came to lend aid to the kindred in the area, but escaped, fleeing away from the city by boat.

Since then he has surfaced a handful of times in various places: Helsinki in 1986, Montreal in 1991, Philadelphia in 1998, Cape Town in 2005 and Cincinnati in 2014.

When encountered he has shown himself to be a capable, inventive and psychotic foe, but one whose raw power has not, perhaps, matched up to his early potential. His rampant diablerie has, however, earned him a place on the Red List.

Current Location: Unknown, possibly mainland US.


Raymond Narcisse

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