Valerius Maior

Infernalist Supreme


Born during the height of the Roman Empire, kept alive through unknown methods until the formation of the Tremere, and embraced by an elder of that Clan, Valerius Maior is one of the most powerful and dangerous occultists known to exist today.

Once he was a prominent member of the Tremere Clan, operating within the bounds of the Camarilla, and indeed was even considered as a possible candidate for membership of the Inner Council of Seven. However in the late 17th Century it was discovered that he was engaged in Infernalism and was even potentially possessed by a demonic entity, and he fled into the waiting arms of the Sabbat.

It is clear that in the Sabbat he made considerable strides and attained much influence, but he was ultimately discovered to be in league with infernal forces of such horror that even the Sabbat could not tolerate him – he was hunted by the Inquisition and fled that sect too.

Since then he has travelled the globe seeking further occult power and mystic knowledge. It is believed that he approached Keminitiri at some point in the middle of the 20th century looking to form an alliance, but was rejected.

One of the most powerful practitioners of Thaumaturgy on the planet, Valerius should not be considered to be bound by the restrictions of that discipline. He also has considerable knowledge of Necromancy, and possesses skill in a number of strange disciplines including the powers of Daimoinon, which draws its power directly from hell itself.

Current Location: Unknown. Last spotted in London in 2007.


Valerius Maior

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