Alastors are the direct, secret servants of the Inner Council. Though they may perform other duties, Alastors devote most of their efforts to the never-ending hunt for the Anathema. Though no one knows for sure, most Kindred believe that most Archons are also Alastors. The Justicars’ process for selecting an Alastor is so secret, however, that these hunters are little more than a rumor whispered in Elysium.

Regardless of who they were before they became an Alastor, these hunters receive an astonishing array of perks, including the severance of blood bonds, training in rare Disciplines, and lavish amounts of money and other resources. Each Alastor receives different bonuses to compensate for agreeing to an eternal unlife hunting the most dangerous creatures known to the Camarilla.

While becoming an Alastor is prestigious in the eyes of the Camarilla, there are some Kindred who do not want the Mark. Most Kindred suspect that any vampire who manages to destroy an Anathema on their own will be recruited immediately. As such, it’s commonly believed that Camarilla members would rather know who the Alastors are (and where they might be hunting) than remain in the dark.

Though new Alastors are presented during a second conclave, the individual Alastor may only be required to show herself before the Justicars, Archons, and Prince in a specific domain. The most common way for an Alastor to identify himself is to display the tattoo given to Alastors, known as the Mark—but there are many Alastors who feel that obscuring their role enhances their ability to investigate or hunt down Camarilla members who have either knowingly or unwittingly fallen prey to an Anathema’s influence. Others wear the Mark openly as a badge of honor and feel there is no task more admirable than to bring down the Anathema. To them, their loyalty to the Camarilla is a great sacrifice that should inspire all Kindred to keep the Traditions.

Within their rarified ranks, some believe that the Alastors are further divided and rewarded based on that vampire’s accomplishments. The Red Alastors, for example, are composed of those few Kindred who have managed to destroy one of the five highest-ranked Anathema—and survived. Red Alastors are rumored to possess even greater authority and power than regular Alastors. To date, no one has been able to confirm whether or not this is true or even if the Red Alastors exist, for the Justicars tend to present Alastors in a similar fashion during the conclave. What happens after they are named, however, is open to debate, rumor, and gossip—until they accept their Trophy.


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