The Red List

Though calling a blood hunt has been sufficient to keep the vast majority of vampires in line, there are vampires who have proven to be so dangerous—who threaten all Kindred world-wide—that this decree is not enough.

The fear of Final Death, the goal of self-preservation, and the desire to not run afoul of the largest society of vampires the world has ever known, means that most vampires within the Camarilla will uphold the Traditions and not intentionally bend their rules unless they are absolutely sure they should and can do so. Vampires that not only bend the rules, but break, twist, and destroy them, are likely to be condemned to the Red List. This group of thirteen Anathema is a collection of vampires that the Camarilla has ordered be taken down regardless of domain, regardless of sire, regardless of politics.

Unlike a blood hunt, the members of the Red List haven’t just broken “a” Tradition, committed “an” act of infernalism, or simply sided with the Sabbat—they’ve willingly acted against more than one Tradition and committed serious crimes against the Camarilla many times over. What’s more, unlike the Sabbat or an upstart coterie in Berlin, the Anathema are believed to have the power to infiltrate the Camarilla and dismantle it from within.

It takes a special type of vampire to be condemned to the Red List. Though creatures other than vampires occasionally make it onto the Red List, it is a rare occurrence — after all, the Red List is a Kindred institution created by the Camarilla. Each Anathema is a powerfully cunning and dangerous being, capable of tearing a city apart and able to destroy a few foolish neonates who decide to go after her.

Though the Anathema exist as whispers and rumors in most cities, they are more than urban legends told to frighten (or impress) neonates. Most of the vampires on the Red List are legitimate threats because they operate outside of the Camarilla’s edicts and care little for the Masquerade. They don’t care about the Camarilla, its political inner-workings, or the Traditions. What’s more, they tend not to follow anyone else’s rules except the ones they create—because they don’t have to. Even Anathema that wound up on the Red List for political reasons, like Germaine, wind up proving the Justicars were right to put their names on the list eventually.

Arguably, there is no other enemy of the Camarilla that produces as many rumors and speculation as the Anathema do. Many Kindred will analyze the names on the Red List hoping to find some rhyme or reason to them. Some may believe that there’s a hidden meaning to be found in the way the names are ordered, what Clan the Anathema hails from, or when they were added. Still others may think that the Justicars have devised a strategy based on the vampire’s generation, sire, or bloodline. Once the Red List was eventually made public it has, like every aspect of the Camarilla, become a highly politicized subject.
The truth, however, is that each Anathema’s case was dealt with separately. Each member of the Red List is different and has unique motivations, connections, and long-term goals. The only common thread among the Anathema, is that the Camarilla views each of them as a high level threat that needs to be eliminated. Still, that doesn’t stop many Kindred from seeing a connection where none typically exists. When and if a thread ties two Anathema together, it is usually because in the World of Darkness—no powerful vampire can remain unnoticed for very long.

In the past, the ranks of the Anathema have included carriers of mystical diseases, Sabbat warlords, serial diablerists, infernalists, threats to the Masquerade, and other horrors that even the elders fear. Their crimes great and their stories even greater, the Anathema represent all that the Camarilla seeks to destroy.

The current Red List is:

  1. Keminitiri – Trophy Clan: Ventrue
  2. Czernobog – Trophy Clan: Malkavian
  3. Rabbat – Trophy Clan: Nosferatu
  4. Valerius Maior – Trophy Clan: Tremere
  5. Marcus Travers – Trophy Clan: Ventrue
  6. Marisa Santos – Trophy Clan: Brujah
  7. Karen Milbank – Trophy Clan: Nosferatu
  8. Germaine – Trophy Clan: Toreador
  9. Alex Swift – Trophy Clan: Malkavian
  10. Aiysha Jocastian – Trophy Clan: Ventrue
  11. Kyoko Shinsegawa – Trophy Clan: Toreador
  12. Raymond Narcisse – Trophy Clan: Tremere
  13. Christopher Barrow – Trophy Clan: Brujah

The Red List

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