The Final Nights Approach and Nothing is Sacred

Across the globe all vampires can feel the encroaching darkness, the time of thin blood which is enveloping their lines and the coming of the end… whether they believe it or not. The Camarilla rails against the idea of Gehenna, hunting Noddist plots and shadows of what is to come, and their greatest weapons are the Archons and the Justicars.

Amongst the Archons are even greater powers, those who do not serve the Justicars but are instruments of the Inner Circle themselves – the Alastors, the hunters of the Red List and the investigators into those things that cannot be explained. Archons arrive in a city to judge it, but Alastors arrive to save it, to expunge all that is unwanted. They paint the world in black and red, carving through the wet meat of Camarilla and Sabbat alike in their hunt for their foes.

Red: the blood of angry men.

Black: the dark of ages past.

Now: the beginning of the end.

Vitae Martini: Shaken Not Stirred

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