Christopher Barrow



A former member of the Camarilla who was embraced in the late 19th Century, Christopher Barrow now styles himself as the “Underking” of the Anarch Movement, and apparently lacks any understanding of why that might be a contradiction in terms.

Until the middle of the 20th Century he was almost totally unknown – he had withdrawn from Camarilla politics thirty years previously or so, but was not worth considering as a player in his own right, and the modern Anarchs had not yet begun. He surfaced in the late 1940s during the first wave of the Anarch revolt in Los Angeles, and supposedly had some influence in the creation of the system of Baronies therein, but he was still a minor figure.

It was not until he moved to Las Vegas that he began to actually cause real problems. He saw that he had no chance of combating the local Camarilla presence directly and so went underground – literally. He used abandoned cellars and basements, caverns, tunnels and sewers to hide out and recruit for his coming revolt. The local Nosferatu, annoyed at his intrusion into their traditional domain, attempted to remove him but instead of fighting back, Barrow engaged them in discussion and treated with them in a respectful fashion. Surprised and pleased by this the Nosferatu tolerated his presence, and soon he was recruiting from their clan too.

Three years after his arrival he led an almost bloodless coup in the city, tearing down the Prince and erecting a “fairer” system based around a council of representatives. He had managed to persuade and convinced a full third of the local kindred to support the uprising, and carefully undermined the power of most of the rest so that few stood up for the Prince when the time came. He left Las Vegas to seek his next target (though of course the petty council he had established collapsed after less than a decade, and the city is once more under Camarilla control).

Over the next thirty years he caused considerable problems in more than a dozen cities across the United States. He has never led bloody revolutions, but instead has carefully, consistently and patiently convinced and beguiled those around him, converting neonates to his cause and sewing doubt and mistrust amongst the rest. Not all of his attempts succeeded, but all of them were disruptive, and the small number that did lead to the removal of Princes from power caused distractions for the Camarilla that they could not afford in the face of increased Sabbat aggression.

The decision to place him on the Red List was made in the late 1980s and he has remained there since, despite the fact that being added to it has almost totally stopped him from being effective with his chosen tactics (he has become infamous to such a degree that he is no longer listened to in almost any cases). As such, he has now taken to establishing himself in Sabbat-held cities and trying the same tact there.

Whilst he is, of course, a valid and worthwhile target for the Red List (and indeed the former Prince of Las Vegas has offered a large personal bounty on top of the Trophy from Clan Brujah), he is now considered to be of low priority and threat compared to others on the list.

Current Location: Detroit


Christopher Barrow

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