The Shadow Man


No one has a clue who, or what, the being the kindred call Czernobog is, but he is one of the most dangerous phenomena in the world today. It first appeared in 2003 in Istanbul, since spotted on every continent except the Antarctic with no apparent pattern.

All appearances proceed in a similar fashion:

  • Over the course of roughly a week kindred in a city go missing, disappearing from public events and failing to attend meetings. Investigation finds little evidence of their existence at all – records have been expunged, mortals seem confused and have no memory of the vampire’s existence, havens have been sold or forgotten, and so on.
  • Soon those kindred targeted begin to slip out of memory entirely, the kindred in the city investigating their absences forgetting about them and simply acting as if they had never existed. The only kindred who seem immune are the Malkavians, and in early cases their testimony was often ignored – now other clans desperately seek their protection.
  • The disappearances increase in number until by day ten there are almost no kindred other than the Malkavians left in the city. Once this has happened, there is no further activity.

The only reason that anyone knows that an individual is responsible for this is that when Malkavians began to shelter kindred of other clans, they witnessed the attacks for themselves. A shadowy figure, blurred and insubstantial, would enter the haven of their target usually just after nightfall, and move towards them threateningly. The targets seem unable to act and those who have survived have described lost time and memory gaps.

If attacked by Malkavian kindred, Czernobog can be driven away. Physical attacks seem to do little, but the power of Dementation has been shown to effectively confused and dismay it. When driven away in this fashion the creature always abandons its efforts in the city immediately.

There is a suspected attack every 8 – 10 weeks.



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