Federico DiPadua

Justicar of the Nosferatu Clan


Name: Federico DiPadua
Alias(es): Right Hand of the Camarilla
Born: Unknown
Embraced: 1444
Clan: Nosferatu
Generation: 7th
Sire: Joseph von Bauren (Adoptive)
Allegiance: Camarilla
Rank: Justicar


An Italian mercenary in life, Federico was embraced against his will by a cruel and whimsical Nosferatu, who he has never forgiven and rejected in preference to his adoptive sire Joseph von Bauren (one of the founders of the Camarilla). He believes passionately in the need to work together, but never follows order blindly, questioning the motivations and good sense of instructions given to him, and he encourage the same traits in his archons. This has caused him some trouble in the past but, after the death of his predecessor Cock Robin, there could be no argument as to the legitimacy of his ascension to the rank of Justicar.

Federico DiPadua

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