French Revolutionary


Germaine first came to the attention of the Camarilla in the 18th Century when he played a significant role in the success of the French Revolution, an event which resulted in considerable harm to the holdings of the Toreador Clan.

During the revolution he acted as an agent who managed to manipulate the Countess d’Adhemar (a prominent Toreador) into acting against the mortal crown, and whose actions ultimately led to the fall of the monarchy in France. He was thought to have been embraced in the years after the revolution and continued to act against the interests of the Toreador, hunting counter-revolutionary elements in France using his new powers.

Cornered by Countess d’Adhemar and her agents in 1793, he only just escaped, and fled to the New World. Since then he has wandered across the United States sewing discontent and working against the Camarilla in a variety of ways. He had mostly been associated with Anarch groups, but information has surfaced recently that the Sabbat have been courting him for membership.

Personally powerful and also extremely influential, Germaine seems to have more power in mortal communities than would be expected. It is suspected, therefore, that other individuals are aiding him and supporting his efforts in secret.

He was placed on the Red List by Justicar Madame Guil (the former Toreador Justicar) who is known for her brutality and merciless methods.

Current Location: Believed to be Los Angeles



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