The Camarilla's Most Wanted


Possibly the most dangerous kindred in existence, Keminitiri is rumoured to be the childe of Set himself, and the only one of his childer to remain awake in the modern days.

Information about her is limited, but what is known is that:

  • Keminitiri was placed on the Red List in 1943 (and indeed the Red List was created for her) and has remained at its number 1 spot ever since. She has killed more Alastors than all other kindred combined.
  • She is quite plausibly the childe of the antediluvian Set, which would make her one of the eldest and most powerful vampires in existence.
  • She is obsessed with a mystic ritual called the “Spell of Life” which can supposedly bring the dead back to true, immortal life. She is also hunted for this knowledge by aggressors as yet un-identified.
  • She has ability with many disciplines including a truly phenomenal aptitude for obfuscate, which has contributed to the difficulties in locating her. She is also thought to be a skilled thaumaturgist, though witnesses claim her magic does not appear the same (though it does achieve effects familiar to specialists).

Current Location: Believed to be Egypt



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