Kyoko Shinsegawa

Thief of the Torpid


Kyoko Shinsegawa is a Cathayan who came to the attention of the Camarilla after her actions during the Battle for New York. As the Camarilla purged the city of Sabbat, Kyoko appeared to be an ally, offering aid and information to the Justicars and archons coordinating the assault. However, when the battle was complete it became clear that she had, in fact, been playing both sides all along, and had taken action which placed the whole city, and possible all kindred, in great danger.

In the aftermath time was spent hunting through chambers that had been sealed from before the city was taken by the Sabbat originally – chambers where torpid kindred had been placed for their protection from would-be diablerists and attackers and who could not be evacuated easily. Some of these chambers had been discovered, but most were intact, as they had been hidden extremely carefully and well.

The Toreador located a vault which had not been uncovered in which a number of their elders had been placed, including Anthemios of Thralles, a methuselah of impressive age, power and history (he had been part of the Dream in Constantinople 13th Century and survived the destruction of the city by the crusaders). As the vault was accessed Shinsegawa attacked the group of Toreador gaining entry killing most of them, before stealing the bodies of the torpid elders. Why she did this, or where she took them, nobody knows.

Current Location: Unknown


Kyoko Shinsegawa

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