Marcus Travers

The Mimetic Plague


Marcus Travers was once a normal Ventrue who lived in New York City and played by the rules of his Clan and the Camarilla. He didn’t do much that drew attention to himself and was extremely loyal, and he had a real skill for playing the stock market. As such he was given considerable control over the Ventrue’s accounts. As he proved himself over years to be a safe hand on the tiller, he was given more and more of the Clan’s joint resources to manage.

Then he had a really really good idea. Worse, he discovered a way (which to this night remains a mystery to everyone else) of implementing it.

Suddenly the stocks and bonds he was investing in weren’t doing satisfactorily, but phenomenally well. The money flowed in at a tremendous rate. The Ventrue couldn’t explain it but, despite the worried voices of a few younger members, were quite happy to reap the results.

Then August 2007 rolled around and everything went totally, totally wrong. The stock market crashed, banks folded, and the Ventrue lost billions.

It turns out that what had happened was this:

Marcus Travers had stumbled upon a way to do what most people though was impossible: use his disciplines via mass communication. He’d convinced thousands of mortals to go along with his schemes, manipulating the markets with ruthless efficiency through an army of financiers who genuinely wanted to help him out. The backlash, when it came, was inescapable and Travers seemingly didn’t see it coming at all.

By the time the Clan Elders realised what had happened, Travers had gone, out on the run with millions of dollars in cash stuffed in suitcases and the ability to confuse and destroy the ability to chase him – whenever anyone got close they’d find flashmobs forming around them, police converging on their location and chaos being unleashed.

The Ventrue might have made a mistake before, but they weren’t going to make it again – the Ventrue Justicar got the Toreador and Nosferatu Justicars to all petition for his entry on the Red List.

Current Location: United States


Marcus Travers

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