Nicolai Antonescu

Justicar of Clan Tremere


Name: Nicolai Antonescu
Alias(es): None
Born: Unknown
Embraced: 1314
Clan: Tremere
Generation: 6th
Sire: Stromberg
Allegiance: Camarilla
Rank: Justicar

Nicolai appears to be a pale and sickly 10 year old boy, belying his power and age and often taking those he faces off-guard.


A former member of the Primogen council of Chicago, Nicolai was something of a surprise candidate for the position, and the appointment was clearly made for careful political reasons. After the somewhat symbolic performance his predecessor, Anastaz di Zagreb, who was given the position at a remarkably young age and whose catastrophic attempt to conquer Montreal for the Camarilla led to the death of his political career, Nicolai is seen as being something of a safe bet on the part of Clan Tremere. Experienced, cunning and extremely powerful, Nicolai is a very capable Justicar, but he has less interest in the position than some of his fellows, and still involves himself in the night to night politics of Chicago.

Nicolai Antonescu

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