The Plague Bearer


Rabbat is a Nosferatu Elder who was infamous before the creation of the Red List and was added to it soon after its creation.

Rabbat has managed to create, or has spontaneously manifested, some ability which allows for mortal diseases to cross over to kindred populations. She seemingly spreads all the diseases she currently carries to anyone nearby, whether mortal or vampire, and causes epidemics amongst the herd and also the damned. With few methods of treatment, this supernatural plague can spell final death for a kindred, however slow the symptoms spread.

Once Rabbat was a respected and influential member of her clan, first known of in Constantinople before relocating to Prague and then Venice, where she was foremost of the Nosferatu and had great influence in politics there.

However, when the Black Death struck Europe, some change occurred in her, and she became a walking bio-weapon, unleashing a plague known as the Scourge amongst kindred resulting in the final death of hundreds, and spreading the plague amongst mortals at a ferocious rate. Forced from her home, she has wandered from city to city ever since, slowly travelling across the half the world.

Current Location: Unknown, possibly China.



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