Vitae Martini: Shaken Not Stirred

"Snuff Photography" part 1
Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Arrived in Düsseldorf and met with Holtz, the Scourge and acting Sheriff who explained the situation and gave details of the murders so far
  • Arrived at crime scene 1 (three mortal deaths) and examined the area. Established no ritual intent, and David Monroe established no supernatural presence still at the house. Scene suggested that power outlets were used during the crime, and the murders were designed to be aesthetic.
  • Arrived at crime scene 2 (the haven of Loritz). Established the care and precision with which the murder was carried out. Identified similar access to power supplies.
  • Discovered security footage of glass plates being winched up building (three seemingly mortal perps).
  • Discovered safe with: large amounts of cash, snuff films and notebook written in cipher.
  • Discovered copy of Book of Nod.
  • Made contact with snuff film ring via darknet – purchased all available films from likely seller, purchased perpetual rights with large amounts of cash for the one which broke the masquerade.
  • Established perps as being supernatural (held angry vampire still whilst he was slowly crushed to death)
  • Travelled to nearby Sabbat territory and made contact with Sabbat members
  • Dr I was taken to nearby Sabbat base camp (followed by other under cloak the gathering) and interrogated by Wilhelm, the apparent leader of operations.

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